Chuck Smith: The Christian Family Four: Man by himself can never be complete.

3. Understanding the Difference

The Bible says, "Male and female created He them" (Genesis 1:27). It doesn't take a genius mentality to realize there's a difference between male and female.

This we all recognize.

But there are differences we fail to recognize between the sexes that are important - differences that need to be recognized if we're to have a happy blending of the two.

When God first created man, God recognized that man by himself was not complete. Man by himself can never be complete.

God said, "It is not good that the man should live alone" (Genesis 2:18). God created the woman so that
through her the man might find and have completeness, companionship, love - that which he could not get from the animal kingdom.

For Adam dwelt among the animal kingdom and God didn't find among them any help that was suitable
for him. God created the woman in order that she might be that completeness for man.

In creating woman God created her different from man in physical structure - the
man being the stronger and larger, the woman being the smaller and more frail.
Along with the physical differences, certain emotional differences were created.
In the emotional realm He created the woman with a higher sensitivity than the

Emotionally, man is usually very coarse.

His emotions move in a narrower spectrum. A woman's emotional spectrum is quite wide. She's capable of great highs; she's capable of great lows. Yes, a man can get excited and a man can get depressed. But, as a general rule, he cannot appreciate as much as a woman or enjoy as much as a woman. Men don't have the extreme highs that women can attain.

As far as intelligence is concerned, I don't believe that there's any difference at all between male or female. I believe that women are capable of as great understanding and thinking process as men, they may even have a slight advantage over man in the area we call intuition. Spiritually, of course, men and women are one in the eyes of God (Galatians 3:28).

But having created us with different physical characteristics and a different emotional spectrum, God then set forth the rules of the relationship between husband and wife. By obeying these rules, man and woman can find the fulfillment, joy, and happiness from life, that God desires them to have.


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