2010 Missions and Beyond...Taking Christianity Into the World~John Dillard

2010 Missions and Beyond...Taking Christianity Into the World

We just completed our annual mission trip to the Navajo Indian Reservation in Pueblo Pintado, NM. Since day one it has been a family mission trip and was the third year that our family was involved and the second year that my wife led the trip and the third year that I was allowed to serve as the spiritual leader.

This year was a huge success as we began to see the effects of the Navajo people embracing our efforts by their words, actions, materials/supplies and support of our service. Those who served alongside of us this year will never be the same as God joined us and our efforts in a big way. For the 2009 mission trip we focused on Vacation Bible School, Adult Bible Study, Arts and Crafts at the Senior home, and construction.

Some of the highlights of the trip included seeing the results of those coming to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, a Community night and a deepening of the relationships previously established. We were also able to share Bibles from the American Bible Society written in the native tongue of the Navajo.

Dare to Attempt Something so Great for the Kingdom of God that it is doomed to failure, lest Christ be in it!

Casting a Vision. Though many might see this a slogan, I do not. The Apostle Paul all called us to be bold in our faith and that in so doing will do great things in God's name.

In our past blogs at http://www.christianpost.com/blogs/cpa/2009/03/i-double-dog-dare-you-taking-christianity-into-the-world-27/index.html we exhorted Believers throughout the world to strive to do something so BIG that it was doomed to failure unless God was in it.

Our latest book A Voice of One: Nehemiah's Prayer which can be reviewed at http://www.john-dillard.com/ encouraging Believers of all faiths that we are indeed all Lay Ministers who should be looking to serve and honor God, regardless of affiliations whether Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. Below are a few thoughts I have for seeing what God might do with us, if we let him lead guide and direct. Prayerfully consider these as you strive to see God's hand for you and your life.

Visioning for Family Missions to the Navajo Indian Reservation for 2010 & Beyond.

-Establishing a relationship with the President of the Navajo Nation.

-Looking to have five Centers of Influence (CI) throughout the Navajo Nation the same week, including the capital. CI's will be strategically placed to offer housing for attendants with each CI having its own Vacation Bible School, Adult Bible Studies, Senior Center Activities and Construction.

-Working with the local county schools to house events/members/missionaries with each CI having approximately sixty missionaries who are serving, which would result in over 300 missionaries serving the Navajo Nation. Each CI would have a team leader who would work in unison to accomplish established team/service goals.

-Deepening cross-cultural ties with the Navajo Nation while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, with the primary focus of fulfilling the Great Commission and developing disciples, local leaders and supporting local Navajo churches.
-Developing a team approach to Missions where Navajo are invited to co-lead and serve at all levels of service with the ultimate goal of the Navajo people taking the lead to accomplish stated Mission Goals throughout the year.

-Only do construction projects where at least one local family member is involved in its work with the goal to team building and developing a local culture of "Paying it Forward."

-Ensuring that all trips are self-funded (goal will be for trips to be revenue/expense neutral to each church) with each participant predominantly raising monies through support letters, while also seeking prayer support.

-Identification of key personnel including a liaison who will share ideas with all CI leaders and world-wide marketing of the required supplies and joint vision using the Internet.

-Seeking through prayer continually the prompting of the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction while keeping at the forefront the Parable of the Soils.

-Gaining involvement of ten churches throughout the U.S. with at least thirty members/missionaries from each.

Listen to the quiet words and prodding of the Holy Spirit and see what He brings forth remembering to always strive to do something so BIG, that there is no way it will ever occur, unless God shows His favor.

In the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ,


John Dillard is an author and Certified Public Accountant. To See how he takes Christ along with him to work visit www.HisCPA.com and for his latest book Overcoming Life's 9/11's: Job's Journey visit www.John-Dillard.com "Dare to Attempt Something so Great for the Kingdom of God that it is doomed to failure, lest Christ be in it!"


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